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Looking for Peace - analogue photography by Simon Prunty @ RUA RED Cafe space, Rua Red Arts Center, Tallaght, Dublin

Exhibition statement:

Simon Prunty is an artist from Dublin, Ireland. He is a graduate of NCAD (The National College of Art and Design) with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Media. Simon’s most recent work (exhibited here in the Rua Red Cafe) is based in traditional black and white 35mm and Medium Format analogue photography, and is entitled: ‘Looking for Peace’. This body of work was brought together to reflect the artist’s search for still, minimal, meditative scenes during a period when ordinary life was growing stressful and demanding. The work could be viewed as a gentle reminder that in spite of the increasingly chaotic world of human affairs, balance and calm are still a possibility.

            Simon is devoted in his photographic work to analogue techniques and each of these works has been hand-printed by the artist in the darkroom on Ilford Fibre Based Warmtone archival paper.

            Simon also teaches traditional darkroom skills to students at DUPA (Dublin University Photography Association) in Trinity College, Dublin.