How Peter found Peter - A picture finds its rightful home.

Dr. Peter Carr is a retired Maynooth professor who has attended many public protest rallies in Dublin city over the years. He is, I'm told, down to earth, humorous, extremely intelligent and an excellent dinner guest. Speaking as someone who has only viewed him through a telephoto lens, I myself can testify to his exceptional beard and taste in wide-brimmed hats. 

Peter made his public debut as a declared work of art when his image featured in my first solo exhibition, Protests Come and Go at In-spire Galerie, Dublin. (see below) 

During the exhibition opening my aunty approached me with quite a look of surprise on her face to tell me that she actually knew the mysterious bearded protester who first caught my attention during a huge Irish Water protest rally in 2015. She informed me who he was and I was immediately excited by the idea that he might get to learn that someone had stuck him in a nice frame somewhere and hung him on a gallery wall. It had happened to me before, and I can certainly endorse the positive effects being immortalised as a work of art can have on your self-esteem. It's a lovely little ego boost.

A few weeks passed and a quick turn of events led to my receiving this image via email, much to my delight. 

 Peter with Peter

Peter with Peter

'The Veteran' - as I declared him in the image title - I'm told is delighted with his gift.

I hope it finds a good place in your home, Professor Carr. Thank you for being a willing subject in my photo work, although it took a while for you to find out! My respect and good wishes to you, sir. I'm sure you'll be out there on Dublin's streets again soon, matching and chanting and showing young protesters how it's really done. 

Simon Prunty