Thoughts on the work of Koo Bohnchang

I've been looking at the work of renowned South Korean photographer, Koo Bohnchang, in particular his series 'In the Beginning'.

A number of images from this beautiful work strike me and I'd like to share some thoughts about why I feel it works so effectively.

What I like about this image (above) is the relationship between two states of instability. There are two striking visual elements that help evoke that feeling: The form of the image is a large collage of photographic prints loosely stitched together. The content within the image is a barely-held state of balance. These are two sources of tension working together in one image to achieve a very particular effect. Form and content perfectly combined. Neither the subject nor the form have a permanent state of existence. 

Uncertainty seems to be the heart of this image, or at least that's what strikes me first. Is this subject upside down or downside up? Is he falling? Lying? Are they frozen or in movement? The placement of the subject confuses the sense of earthly situation, and perhaps that's the point. In this sense the fragile form of the stitched images plays its part by accentuating the uncertainty; this is the fragility of our sense of perspective. None of us can be sure of our own place or true situation. We possess a fragile, impermanent sense of perspective. 

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