Simon Prunty is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2006 he graduated from NCAD (The National College of Art and Design) with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Media.

Although a multi-disciplined artist, Simon's work is primarily based in the medium of analogue photography. In practice his painterly style frequently deviates from the purely representational aesthetic of contemporary photography into more conceptual and expressive territory, taking in as influences not just renowned photographers such as Trent Park, William Klein, Daido Moriyama and Michael Ackerman, but also a wide array of classical and modern painters such as Francisco Goya, Edgar Degas, James Ensor, Lucien Freud and Gerard Richter, to name just a few.

Simon’s work is often characterised by a thematic emphasis on the relationship between citizenry and government, exploring the boundaries and differences between those in society categorised as possessing ‘power’ and those considered to be without it. 

His most recent work, ‘Protests Come and Go’ has received an honorary mention from The ND – Neutral Density Awards 2015 in the conceptual category and has had a successful run as a solo exhibition in In-spire Galerie, Dublin, Ireland, from 23rd March – 5th April, 2016.   

Simon is also the darkroom tutor for DUPA (Dublin University Photography Association) in Trinity College, Dublin.


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